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Jewish Entertainer Seth Lutnick

Seth Yisra'el Lutnick is an accomplished singer, composer, and actor. He hails from Merrick, N.Y., and attended Jewish schools in Long Island. From a young age he was passionate about classical music, and fell in love with Beethoven and piano playing. Of course he didn't practice enough, so he learned to sing and act.

Seth studied Judaism in Israel for a year before attending Yeshiva University, where he studied classical and cantorial music, as well as Talmud and Judaic studies. He was involved in the University's theatrical program, as well as radio broadcasting.

Since then, he has been involved both in the worlds of Jewish education and music. In Israel since 1992, Seth has recorded two albums of original Hebrew music. Most recently, his album "Gesharim" reached the top 10 Jewish artists list on the international Real Rhapsody network.

In the last few years, the theatre has beckoned, and Seth has become involved in many stage productions, including Any Dream Will Do, Camelot, Oliver, The Disputation, lots of Gilbert and Sullivan and more. He has crafted two cabaret shows, "Dr. Beethoven and Mr. Broadway" and "Jerusalem Love", which have sold out theaters in Jerusalem, and been performed as wide afield as New York, Los Angeles, the Catskills (where he also officiates as high holiday cantor), Berkshires and Poconos. These shows combine Lutnick's love of musical theater, standup comedy, and his Jewish identity.

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