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Jerusalem of Love - A Time-Travel Musical

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Jerusalem of Love. Jewish entertainment with singer Seth Lutnick"I Want to Know What Love Is, says Lutnick. So why didn't he go to the City of Love, Paris? Because in Jerusalem, love isnt just on display like Paris. It's in every stone, every ancient wall, every magical story from her magical past. Only Jerusalem of Love could inspire a song as beautiful as Jerusalem of Gold. And so, Oh Lawd I'm On My Way into that magical past to discover the secrets of true, eternal love.

So off well go, backwards in time, to ancient Jerusalem. As we Whistle Down the Wind into the past, we will certainly encounter some powerful love stories, but not only. Surprisingly we will use a Little List from Gilbert and Sullivan to puzzle out a second Temple murder! We will meet the prophet Jeremiah, whos generation Closes Every Door to him, and who regrets not living in our days when he could go to places like Las Vegas (picture what a prophet could do in Las Vegas!). With some help from Barry Manilow, ABBA and the Wand'ring Minstrel we will meet the sweet singer of Israel, King David, and his tormented father in law Saul.

If you think time travel is impossible, well, It Ain't Necessarily So. Its not only possible, its lots of fun!

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