Learn to sing Areshet Sefateinu

From the Rosh Hashana prayerbook

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This prayer is recited immediately after each set of shofar blasts. It shows us that the musical sounds of the shofar are actually deeply spiritual prayers ascending on high.

The Words


Areshet sefateinu ye'rav lefanekha
Keil ram venisa (2x)
Mevin u ma'azin mabit umakshiv
Lekol tekiyateinu (2x)
Utekabel berakhamim
Berakhamim uveratzon
Seder, seder Malkhuyoteinu

May the utterances all our lips find favor before You
Exalted and uplifted God
You understand and listen, watch and pay attention to
The sound of our shofar,
And you accept in mercy and in favor
The order of the verses of your dominion.


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Areshet Sefateinu Popular Recordings

Areshet Sefateinu A. Harkatz presents the waltz version in a fine cantorial style. Very traditional grounded feel.
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Areshet Sefateinu Transcontinental, that's the name of the group. Its an interesting setting, quite operatic! On Rhapsody, Cantor Avraham Veroba.
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