Music Downloads and Free Trials

Different legal ways to download lots of music

#1. iTunes: Download based pay per track

#2. Amazon: Mp3 downloads and everything else.

Music download services give you instant access to millions of songs and videos. They are yours to keep.

1. iTunes - stock your iPod

The second model is Itunes. Itunes is a proprietary download music store. You choose the tracks, listen to a thirty second sample, and then make the purchase at 99 cents. The music is then available to listen to on your computer or your iPod, or to create a custom CD with. (US residents).

iTunes has access to all the music you need, but you can only catch 30 seconds before you will need to purchase the track. It is made for the iPod, so you iPoders probably already know it. The software player is very good.

iTunes gives you the software free, but does not advertise a free trial.

Click here to download music with Itunes and get their free player.

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2. Amazon - buy massive amounts of mp3s, and everything else too.

Amazon is now much more than books. They have a complete online shopping portal that allows you to find everything from TVs to artwork to, you guessed it, downloadable mp3 files. I've added links to the Amazon versions of the songs in the MIDI Jewish music section. These MP3s are yours to keep, CDize, put on your mp3 player or listen to while sitti ng at your computer.