Learn to sing Ki Anu Amecha

From the Yom Kippur prayerbook

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This refrain is recited at each of the major prayer services on Yom Kippur. It describes our relationship to God in various poetic ways.

The Words


Selach lanu, mekhal lanu, kaper lanu
Ki anu amekha, v'ata Eloheinu
Anu banekha, v'ata Avinu
Anu avadekha, v'ata Adonenu
Anu kehalekha, v'ata khelkeinu ...
(more text in Yom Kippur prayerbook)

Pardon us, forgive us, give us atonement,
For we are your people and You are our Lord
We are your children and You are our Father
We are your servants and You are our Master
We are your congregation, and You are our Portion


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Ki Anu Amecha Popular Recordings

Ki Anu Amecha Simcha Kanter has a lovely folk composition for this prayer.
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Ki Anu Amecha Shaina Ettel in a cantorial style composition.
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Ki Anu Amecha C Lanzbom in a Chasidic melody of Chabad.
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