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From the Simchat Torah liturgical poems

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This is in the prayers read after the whole Torah service on Simchat Torah. Right before we return the Torah scrolls to the ark, there are some beautiful poems about rejoicing on the festival that some congregations recite.

The Words


Sisu Vesimchu B'simchat Torah
Ut'nu kavod laTorah
Ki tov sachra mikol sechora
Mipaz umip'ninim yekara
Nagil venasis b'zot haTorah
Ki hi lanu oz ve'ora
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Rejoice and be merry on Simchat Torah
And give honor to the Torah!
For her reward is greater than any business,
More valuable than jewels.
We shall rejoice and be merry on Simchat Torah,
For it is for us strength and light.


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Sisu Vesimchu Popular Recordings

Sisu Vesimchu It's NOT the yekkishe one, it's a Chabad one sung by Rabbi Shnuer Zalman Levin

Sisu Vesimchu Ami Shavit also goes traditional, with a nice freilich feel.

Sisu Vesimchu Well, Eitan Massuri hits a LOT of happy songs here in this medley.
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Sisu Vesimchu Reb Simcha Kanter gets rocky here. You decide.
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