Learn to sing Tum Balalaika

A Yiddish Folk Song

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I think this was my grandfather's favorite, because he sang Tum Balalaika all the time. It's for all the bachelors and bachelorettes out there.:)

The Words


Shtet a bochur un er tracht
Tracht un tracht a gantzena nacht
Vemen tzu nemen un nisht farshemen (2x)
Tumbala tumbala tumbalalaika (3x)
Tumbalalaika tumbalalaika tumbalalaika
Shpil balalaika

A young man is deep in thought, all night long
" Who shall I take?"
Play the balalaika and let there be joy


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Tum Balalaika Popular Recordings

Tum Balalaika Maxwell Street Klezmer Band gives a straightforward version of this classic. Very nice.
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Tum Balalaika The Barry Sisters, queens of Yiddish music, give the song energy.
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Tum Balalaika Paul Safar And Friends give an english translation with the yiddish refrain in a solid performance.
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Tum Balalaika RebbeSould gives a mellow electric guitar performance.
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