Learn to sing Mein Yiddishe Mama

(My Jewish Mother)
* Words by Jack Yellen
* Music by Lew Pollack and Jack Yellen
* Copyright © 1925 by DeSylva, Brown & Henderson, Inc.

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As beloved as the institution herself, this song never fails to touch the heart of everyone who know what a true “Yiddishe Mama” is.

The Words


(Introduction) Ich vill bay aych a kashe freygen,
Zugt mir ver es ken,
Mit vifl tayere farmaygns,
Bensht Gott allamen?
Men kriegt dus nit far kayne gelt,
Dus krigt men nur im zist,
Und der vus hot verloren,
Der vays shoyn vus ich mayn.
2. A yiddishe mamma,
Nisht du kein besser in der welt.
A yiddishe Mamma
Oy vey tzis bisser ven zie fehlt,
Vie shayn und lichtig tzis in Hois,
Ven die mama's du,
Vie traurig finster tzvert,
Ven Gott nehmt ihr oyf Oylam habu.
3. In vasser und fayer,
Vollt sie geloffn fahr ihr kind,
Nisht halt'n ihr tayer.
Dos iz geviss der greste Zind.
Oy vie gliklach und raych
Is der Mensch vus hut,
Az a tayere matune geschenkt fun Gott,
Wie an altechke Yiddishe Mamma,
Mamma, oy Mamme mein.

My Yiddishe Mama, I need her more than ever now.
My Yiddishe Mama, I'd love to kiss that wrinkled brow.
I long to hold her hands once more as in days gone by
And ask her to forgive me for things I did that made her cry.
How few were her pleasures, she never cared for fashion's styles
Her jewels and treasures, she found them in her baby's smiles
Oh, I know that I owe what I am today
To that dear little lady so old and gray
To that wonderful Yiddishe Mama of mine.


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