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Classic song by Naomi Shemer

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Perhaps the most beautiful song she wrote, it is a prayer for all that is simple and beautiful in life. Most importantly, it is a prayer for us to always return to The Good Land.

The Words


Al hadevash v'al haoketz
Al hamar vehamatok
Al bitenu hatinoket
Shmor E-li hatov
Al haesh hamevoeret
Al hamayim hazakim
Al haish hashav habayta
Min hamerchakim
Al kol eleh, Al kol eleh
Shmor na li, E-li hatov
Al hadevash v'al haoketz
Al hamar vehamatok
Al na taakor natua
Al tishkach et hatikva
Hashiveni Ve'ashuva
El ha'aretz hatova
Shmor E-li al zeh habayit
Al hagan, al hachoma
Miyagon, mipachad peta
Shmor al hame'at sheyesh li
Al haor ve'al hataf
Al hapri shelo hivshil od
Al kol eleh...
Merashresh ilan baruach
Merachok noshar kochav
Mishalot libi bachoshech
Nirshamot achshav
Ana shmor li al kole eleh
Ve'al ahuvey nafshi
Al hasheket al a bechi
Ve'al zeh hashir

Over the honey and the thorn
Over the bitter and the sweet
Over our infant daughter
Grant your protection, Good Lord
Over the burning fires
Over the clear waters
Over the man who returns home
From distant places

    Over all these, please grant Your protection, Good Lord
    Over the honey and over the thorn
    Over the bitter and over the sweet.
    Do not uproot that which has been planted
    Do not forget the great hope
    Bring me back and I shall return
    To the good Land

Grant your protection, Good Lord, over this house
Over the garden, over the wall.
Protect us from grief, from sudden fear,
And from war
Guard over the little that I have
Over the light and over the young ones
Over the fruits that have not yet become ripe
And over those that have already been harvested
A tree whispers in the wind
In the distance a star shoots
My heart's requests in darkness
Are inscribed now
Please grant your protection for me on all of these things
And on all that I love
On the silence and on the tears
And on this song


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Al Kol Eleh All These Things: A simple and beautiful soprano and children's choir recording by the FunkeyMonkeys.
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