Learn to sing Dror Yikra

Traditional Shabbat festive table song

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Zmirot are special songs of praise and peace sung at the Sabbath table. Dror Yikra is traditionally sung at the daytime meal.

The Words


Dror yikra l'ven im bat
V'yintsorchem kmo vavat
Ne'im shimchem v'lo yushbat
Sh'vu venuchu b'yom Shabbat

A day of freedom he shall proclaim
For the son and the daughter
He shall protect them as his beloved
Your names are beautiful, they shall always endure
Sit and rest on the Sabbath day


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Dror Yikra Popular Recordings

Dror Yikra Divahn performs the oriental melody. Exotic.
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Dror Yikra Really catchy oriental version with the Yuval Ron Ensemble.
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Dror Yikra Maya Raviv uses her beautiful voice in this simple performance of the oriental melody.
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Dror Yikra Boaz Sharabi sings the traditional Sephardic song. Awesome.
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Dror Yikra Leibele Glantz, the slightly unusual cantorial composer, penned and performed this delightful tune.
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Dror Yikra Alon Michael and Israel Idelson in an original piano and vocal meditation. Very pleasant.
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