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At the Sabbath evening table

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Sung at the beginning of Shabbat, around the festive table. It imbues an otherwise ordinary meal with the Sabbath sanctity. According to tradition, two angels enter our homes each Friday night to bless the family that celebrates the Shabbat properly. We welcome them with Shalom Aleichem.

The Words


Shalom aleichem malachey hasharet
Malachey elyon
Mimelech mal'chey ham'lachim
HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Welcome in peace to you, angels of service,
exalted angels who are sent by
The King of all Kings,
The Holy One, Blessed Be He.


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Shalom Aleichem Popular Recordings

Shalom Aleichem Fortuna gives a simple elegant performance of the traditional melody.

Shalom Aleichem A nice original swing melody, from Cantor Mike Stein.
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Shalom Aleichem Peace To Us: Carol Boyd Leon and kids sing an original english version.
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Shalom Aleichem Welcoming the Angels / Shoshannah plays a gorgeous piano arrangement of the traditional melody.
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Shalom Aleichem Allan Soberman has a take on the traditional melody that, well, you just have to hear. It's very cool.
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Shalom Aleichem A nice instrumental rendition by SpiriTune.
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Shalom Aleichem Here is Reb Shlomo Carlebach
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