Learn to sing Am Yisrael Chai

By Reb Shlomo Carlebach

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This song was a rallying cry back in the days of the struggle for Soviet Jewry, and eloquently says all we need to know.

The Words


Am Yisra'el Am Yisra'el
Am Yisra'el chai (4x)
Od Avinu chai, od Avinu chai
Od Avinu, od Avinu
Od Avinu chai

The nation of Israel lives!
Our Father is yet alive!


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Am Yisrael Chai Popular Recordings

Am Yisrael Chai Here is the great Reb Shlomo, infectious as usual!
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Am Yisrael Chai My own original song, with original lyrics about the survival and dreams of Israel from Gesharim.
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Am Yisrael Chai The second most popular composition, we remember from the Soviet Jewry rallies, by Seymour Rockoff.
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Am Yisrael Chai Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have an original rock version.
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