Learn to sing Nachamu Nachamu Ami

From Isaiah, melody by Reb Shlomo Carlebach

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The words are from the prophetic reading on the Sabbath after the fast of Tisha B'Av, and expresses the conviction that in the end, all will be right with the world, the redemption will come and we shall be comforted. May it be soon.

The Words


Nachamu, nachamu ami
Yomar Elokaichem (2x)
Dab'ru al lev Yerushalayim
Kir'u eyleha (2x)

Comfort, comfort, My people
Says your God
Speak to the heart of Jerusalem
Call unto her


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Nachamu Nachamu Ami Popular Recordings

Nachamu Nachamu Ami Perhaps Reb Shlomo's most moving song, performed by Reb Shlomo himself.
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Nachamu Nachamu Ami An original rock version of the hebrew Bible text, by Aspaklaria.
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Nachamu Nachamu Ami Safam. Gosh, I like these guys. Their music is so uplifting!
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Nachamu Nachamu Ami Steve McConell performs a touching paino.vocal song with the Bible version and its translation.
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