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From the Ethics of the Fathers

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Often combined with the song Sheyibaneh, this tune teaches us a valuable lesson. We shouldn't need the sweet smell of success to motivate us to try to do something wonderful.

The Words


Lo alecha hamlacha ligmor
Lo alecha ligmor
V'lo ata ben chorin lehibatel mimena
V'lo ata ben chorin
  (Really another song, but it's always sung together)
Sheyibane beit hamikdash, sheyibane
Sheyibane beit hamikdash, sheyibane
Bimhera b'yamenu, sheyibane
Bimhera b'yamenu, sheyibane
Sheyibane hamikdash

It's not for you to finish the task
But you are not free to cease trying
May the Temple be speedily built in our days


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Lo Alecha Popular Recordings

Lo Alecha Nice new tune with Beth Shafer and some children.
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Lo Alecha An english-hebrew rock anthem by Craig Taubman. Rhapsody track is Shmacapella!
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Lo Alecha Kol B'Seder sing the beloved one in a fine upbeat duet.
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