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From the Psalms

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The sin of evil gossip is truly one that can destroy a person. This song teaches us the the truly happy person has no need or desire to speak bad things. Why ruin our day?

The Words


Mi haish hechafetz chayim
Ohev yamim lir'ot tov
Netzor leshoncha mera
Us'fatecha midaber mirma
Sur mera va'aseh tov
Bakesh shalom v'rodfehu

Who is the person who treasures life
Who loves each day, to see the good
Guard your tongue from evil
And your lips from speaking deceitfully
Turn away from bad, and do good
Love peace, and seek it out


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Mi Haish Popular Recordings

Mi Haish Gevatron, the kibbutz folk singers give a pioneer spirit feel.
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Mi Haish Dudu Fisher live. This song was written for his voice, it seems.
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Mi Haish Avraham Fried and friends on Rhapsody. On iTunes, The Alexandria Kleztet in a peaceful instrumental version.
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